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Saturday, 16 April 2022 14:14

How to moisturize your throat?

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Too dry mucosa causes not only hoarseness or scratching in the throat, but also the lack of adequate protection against bacteria and viruses, which may result in inflammation. To moisturize the oral cavity, irrigate the entire body, use herbs, honey, inhalations of oils, throat sprays, and avoid stimulants. 

Hydration of the body.

The fight against dry mouth should begin with the hydration of the whole body. It should be taken into account that the increase in physical activity and the ambient temperature results in a higher demand for water. Normally, we should supply 1 liter per 30 kg of body weight, so to calculate the daily requirement, divide your weight by 30. For example, a person weighing 60 kg should drink 2 liters of water a day.


Ginger, peppermint, aloe, thyme or marshmallow stimulate salivation and thus help moisturize the throat. In addition, they prevent the multiplication of viruses and bacteria, and thus the development of infections. Peppermint or ginger can be included in your diet. Other herbs can be used to prepare gargle infusions and neck lotions.


Use of honey, preferably linden or honeydew from conifers, will bring relief. It is enough to dissolve a tablespoon of honey in a glass of warm water, and then gargle several times a day. Another way is to drink tea or milk with it.

Inhalations of essential oils.

Inhalation is nothing more than inhaling water vapor, and the heat causes better blood supply to the mucosa of the respiratory tract. The herbal particles contained in the water vapor penetrate the mucosa more easily and then enter the bloodstream. For this reason, inhalations work not only locally (e.g. on the throat or nose), but also on the cells of the entire body. In order to moisturize the oral cavity, you can use eucalyptus, thyme, camphor or pine oils.

Throat spray.

Salorhin spray, which apart from adults can also be used by children from 4 years of age, contains tea tree oil. It has antiviral and antifungal properties, and additionally destroys bacteria that are responsible for respiratory diseases. Its composition has been supplemented with substances of high hygroscopicity, i.e. the ability to absorb moisture, i.e. panthenol, allantoin and glycerin. Thanks to this, the ingredients of the preparation penetrate deep into the oral mucosa, and then reduce the loss of water from it. The spray soothes irritation in the throat caused by too dry air. In addition, it cleans the mucosa, which facilitates oral hygiene.

Avoid coffee and sugary drinks.

Purine alkaloids like caffeine (theine) in coffee and black tea increase blood flow through the kidneys and therefore have a diuretic effect. To be removed from the body, they must be diluted with plenty of water. It should be noted, however, that the risk of dehydration of the body can only occur when drinking really large amounts of coffee. On the other hand, sweet drinks, which, paradoxically, instead of hydrating them, additionally dry the mucous membranes.

Avoid cigarettes and alcohol.

Hoarseness, as well as a dry and scratchy throat, can be caused by cigarette smoke irritating the airways. It is important that they can result from both active and passive smoking. On the other hand, when you drink alcohol, your body becomes dehydrated. The kidneys then begin to neutralize this "toxin", for which they need a large amount of water.

People who work with voice.

Irritation of the larynx leads to thickening of the vocal cords or atrophy of their mucosa. Long-lasting hoarseness appears, which increases with speaking, and also changes the timbre of the voice. These symptoms often affect people who work with their voice, such as teachers, lawyers, singers and actors. Salorhin spray is recommended, among others for people who practice these professions, because it helps the oral mucosa to function properly when talking frequently and for a long time.

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